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Why Is My Air Conditioning Running Constantly?

There are 5 possible reasons your air conditioning and/or heat pump system is not putting out cool air into your house. Thermostat Setting Having the thermostat set to a temperature too low in comparison to the outside temperature of the day may be the cause – which is why the thermostat is the first place

Your Air Conditioning Is Not Cooling

There are 5 possible reasons your air conditioning and/or heat pump system is not putting out cool air into your house. Improper Air Flow Things that can impede the air flow are: Dirt/Dust/Pet Hair/Debris clogging that cooling coil Dirty filter(s) that are preventing the air from getting to the cooling evaporator coil Ice is covering

Your Air Conditioning Is Not Coming On – What Now?

First, try these two troubleshooting methods if your air conditioning and/or heat pump system are not coming on: Check Your Thermostat Determine if you can read the temperature and other information on the thermostat display. Make certain that the thermostat indicates that the system is on and set to the cooling or Air Conditioning mode.

HVAC Buying Guide – What to Consider When Purchasing an HVAC System

When buying a new HVAC System there are a lot of things to consider, and it can oftentimes feel daunting. Our buying guide will break things down by Basics Capacity, Efficiency Rating, Brand, Model, and Features. BASICS CAPACITY: The basics of comparing HVAC components and prices are first based on the capacity which is a

Meeting the Demand for Home Efficiency

Source: Baltimore Sun By Will Morton Kathleen Deimler had a ritual at her old home on Herring Creek near Ocean City: Come winter, she would shroud the sunroom in plastic in an attempt to protect against the weather. “I was cold all the time,” said the retired hospital secretary. So when she and her husband

72% Increase Seen in Electric Rates

Source: WBAL Radio and The Associated Press BGE residential electric rates will increase an average of 72 percent, or $743 a year, when a cap on rates is lifted in July, state regulators said Tuesday. Rates for two other Maryland electric utilities, Pepco and Delmarva Power and Light, have not been capped since July, 2004,

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